Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I just received this email. And if it is sincere then I feel bad, but it was a bit...unusual, so I thought I would share. I wonder if this person just spams random profiles or just women...I don't know. But did he not see that I am married? Dunno.


Adebayo Eddie February 1 at 2:28pm Report

How are you doing? I shouldn't have email you this way but I believe this may come to you in a way you won't like but please I don't want you to think of it that way. I want you to know I have no other choice than to email you and make my point. that why am going to make this clear to you and I believe you will understand.

My name is eddie from ohio. I am a deaf man. Am 6'5 tall. Average body. I am a lonely and also a single deaf man with no kids or woman. I am in this world alone. I lost my parent 8 years ago and since then I have been left with no family but then I have a girlfriend which I didn't know she's a cheat. I cought her in bed with my old friend david it was very painful experience. since then I have stay away from ladies. I use to believe that all woman are same thing. But some months ago I notice am not getting any younger so I change my mind to find a nice and caring lady that I can trust.

That why I came on here to look for someone. that how I came acrose your profile .reason Why I stop at your profile was because all the people I know that was called that same name you call are all nice people even my mom was call that name too and she's a very nice person.
I want you to know am a nice,caring,loving and giving person and I can gauranty you that you will be so happy to know me.

I don't mind to relocate in future that was my plane. if you think ohio is far to you.no plm at all I can move nearer to ur place in future..

Please reply me soon. I believe you are a very nice and sweet person. Reply me soon to brace91@yahoo.com so we could starte to chat and know more things about each other smiles...

Thank you so much smiles...


  1. I am laughing! Should I be? creepy

  2. Carrie - i know! thats how I felt. i laughed b/c ...what the?

  3. that man needs to learn to write!!!

  4. woah that's just plain creepy!