Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 48

Ok- Todays post. These are the little shirts I bought for Durden in LA. I wish they would have had a bigbird shirt in 12 months, but the smallest they had was 24 months. I would have lost it by the time he could wear it. Anyway, I just love the bright colors of these shirts! So fun and happy.

Day 47

San Diego Here We Are! Tuesday April 26

Mom and I went on a day trip to San Diego. It was only about a 2 hour drive from Claremont. I can not believe Loyd and I haven't gone. It is seriously amazing! All the bays are beautiful! It has such an old country feel - like an old city in Madrid. I loved it! We spent the day with one of my mom's friends in Balboa Park. AMAZING! You could easily spend 3 days there. So much to do for every age! Oh man, was I so tired after all that walking, but it was fabulous! I definitely want to spend more time in San Diego.

Day 46

Monday was a pretty chill day. We ended up going to the Botanical Gardens behind my apartment. We walked around most of the 80 something acres and then took a riding tour of the more cared for area. They have plants from all over California even a few redwoods. The redwoods do not grow to their potential because they need higher altitudes and cooler weather, but they grow and are surviving. My mom was excited to see the redwoods. I'm trying to convince her to just plan a vacation to the Sequoias or the Redwoods and not give my dad a choice, but to go!

Day 45

Happy Easter Sunday! April 24

Loyd said we look like 2 fatties mashed together. I say I'm hiding  half his body with my gigantic belly! Easter was nice and relaxed. Loyd gave a great talk. (Which he should be posting online.) And for dinner we ate at the Brown's house (great couple in our ward). Happy Easter!

Day 44

Saturday April 23 my mom and I were escorted through LA's garment district by my friend Angie. And boy wow! So much stuff to look at. I bought these cute little shirts for Durden. I'll post a pic of them. My favorite part was the street vendors. We had these great hotdogs that had guac and pico on them and onions! so good! And we had churros and also fresh fruit with chilli pepper. The only thing I would have added was the corn on the cob with the sour cream. I've always wanted to try that!

Day 43

My mom, cleaning away. On Friday April 22 we had my birthday party. Alas I didn't get any pictures of it. But my mom made cinnamon rolls and bread and a chocolate trifle for my b-day cake that day. Holy cow!  It was a whole lot of fun. Loyd slaved over the grill cooking hotdogs and hamburgers and I mingled with my friends. We had the party in our apartment clubhouse and another group was having a party at the same time. My mom got everybody - even the other group to sing happy birthday to me. HAHAHA it was the loudest, best, most awesomest happy birthday song ever!

Day 42

Thursday April 21 we went to DisneyLand! We had a great time. We arrived at about 1:00pm and left at midnight.  My mom loved it! I am so happy she had fun. She rode Thunder Mountain by herself and it was too much rollercoaster for her. I wasn't sure what her level was, because I rode it when I was 6 months pregnant.  I waited in line with my mom for Thunder Mountain and people kept looking at me with worried expressions. lol!

365 Days of Pictures Day 41

On Wednesday April 20th we went to the Redlands Temple for the Claremont RS Temple Trip.

365 Days of Pictures Day 40

April 19 - Happy Birthday to me! My mom flew in and spent a week with me. It was a lot of fun, but man was I tired! On her first night here we went walking around the campuses - mainly Scripps. Which is an incredibly beautiful campus. My mom was so excited by the fruit on the trees just there for the taking. She had to get some! This orange ended up being SOOOO sour. All that work for a sour orange.

365 Days of Pictures Day 39

This was taken a while ago - but I can't quite remember when. My feet became way more swollen yesterday! So gross. you can tell I was wearing my flipflops.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

365 Days of Pictures Day 38

Durden's first baby room decorations. Dinosaurs aren't the theme for his baby room - there isn't a theme. I just want to decorate with bright colors. I cut these out on my friends Cricut. (Awesome machine by the way!) Dollar store frames and poster board and here you go....cuteness. 

The dinosaurs started because a good friend made Durden a baby blanket and burp rag with dinosaur pattern material. Super cute! I also have a Paddington Bear with a bright yellow rain jacket and bright blue hat.

Friday, April 8, 2011

365 Days of Pictures Day 37

It's been a while since I've posted a pregnant shot. Here you go. And you can see my new glasses!

This is between 32 and 33 weeks.

365 Days of Pictures Day 36

Up close and personal!
My in-y-out-y. Loyd thinks my button is gross because it won't make up its mind if it's an in-y or an out-y. I have a really deep belly button. On a normal, non pregnant day you can't ever see the bottom it. It's like my belly button is turning inside out, but there is so much inside to be turned outside, that it's not quite making it. hahaha

365 Days of Pictures Day 35

OK - I know I fell of the wagon with my pictures. I'm not going to skip any pictures - even if takes me 2 years I will get 365 DAYS of photos! Hahaha! So i'll just continue on like there was never a break.

My friend Laurie painted and decorated my toes all fancy. Now even when my toes are swollen, I feel ok about it - cuz they are super cute!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Oh... and April Fools

Durden is still in Angela's belly. And hopefully he stays there for another month and a half.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Durden Isao Ericson

A bit earlier than we were expecting, but Durden is healthy! Angela is doing good too.

More details later.