Saturday, May 14, 2011

Marla Iyoko Ericson

Marla was born 20 minutes after we got to the hospital today. Had we left our apartment any later she could have been born in our new Mazda.

7lbs 15 oz, 19.5".

She and Angela are doing great.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 54 Happy Mother's Day

I awoke this morning to a my favorite Jack Johnson singing Banana Pancakes and Loyd cooking breakfast. We had waffles, eggs, and turkey bacon. Yum yum! It was a great way to wake up and I suppose our first Mother's Day. He's so dang cute!

Day 53 May 7 2011

38 WEEKS! Hot dog! I could just pop at any minute! But I am not ready for my Lil' Dirty yet. We still have so much to do, and honestly a baby will make things that much more difficult. But I am excited. Loyd likes May 11th. I think May 13th would be cool - Being Friday the 13th and all.

Anyway, This is me In all my pregnant glory!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 52

This was a baby shower gift. I do not remember the first time I read this book, but I remember loving it and crying. I read it again last night and cried. Now that I am having a son, I was more emotional than ever. I hope I have a good relationship with my children, always.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tuesday May 3 - Baby Shower and We Love Claudia Party

This is the talented, beautiful, brilliant, exceptional, accepting, and inviting, and any other wonderful adjective you can think of Claudia Bushman. She is an incredibly brilliant and intelligent Historian who was one of the first to start looking at Mormon Women's History. She is also key to the continuation and growth of the interest in Mormon Women's History. She is amazing! The first time I met her, I just sat star struck! But she is so kind, and easy going that it is impossible not to feel comfortable chatting about everything and nothing in between. While living in Claremont I have audited 3 of her classes and have done just a little with the Claremont Mormon Women's Oral History Project that she began. Her classes and the project have been enlightening, educational, interesting, and fun.

Several weeks ago it was proposed that we give a little goodbye gift to her. I was told a little later that we would make a party of it. Of course this was a surprise for her.  I walked into class on Tuesday and was greeted by the most delicious and delicate spread of goodies! It was lovely. And then I was informed that this was MY party! WHAT?!!??  How kind and thoughtful and wonderful and unexpected! I was getting all teary eyed, and I am right now too! I have become friends with these exceptional ladies in my class and it has been great learning with and from them. I just audited the class, but the majority of them were taking the class for credit and I can tell you they worked HARD!

Come to find out the shower was Claudia's idea. That just made my heart melt. I have a deep and profound respect for her and she wanted to give ME something?! Seriously, I feel that is a great honor.

Thank you to all my friends that provided the treats and decorations, and time to organize this! And thank you so much for the gifts! I love them all!

The story gets better - class rolls on - by the end I was wondering what had happened to the money I put in for the scarf for Claudia. I thought " Now I know I didn't put in for myself." ahahahhahahahaa! (that would have been fine too)  I seriously was inches away from asking what happened to the scarf and then the announcement came that this was in fact a party for Claudia! And Mrs. Claudia was surprised and pleased. A wonderful collection of some of her sayings and teachings were quoted as well as the appreciation to her and the class and the project that she started. It was lovely. Claudia was presented with her lovely scarf that was "oh so Claudia" and she posed so sassy like for a few photos. It was a lovely afternoon, and I am so happy to have been a part of Claudia's class and project during my stay in Claremont.


Day 51

These chocolate pops were on the diaper cake. How cute! I don't want to eat them, they're too cute! (but I will) ;)

Day 50 - May 4th

The Claremont 1st Young Women rock! My YW planned and threw us a baby shower last night with the help of all the leaders and other amazing women in the ward. It was a blast, and I have to say that having teenagers and pre-teens at a baby shower adds excitement and vitality that is normally absent. It was so fun! This is a "diaper cake" made by one of the Beehives. Sooooo cute! I can't wait to go to a baby shower so I can make this.  Such a fun night!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 49

This lovely little darling was a birthday present. It sits beside the computer and really adds a touch of beauty to our hi-techish living room. I'll try to keep it alive, but the odds are against me with moving I can keep ivy's and bamboo alive. Anyway, a few weeks of its beauty will still suffice.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 49

Loyd at 37 weeks....

Day 48

My friend Aubrey, used to always have her 1 pinky nail painted. Every once in a while I do it too and it reminds me of all the fun we had. Loyd let me paint his pinky too! I love it so much, especially when he's typing and I see this flash of red. Loyd also lets me paint his toenails sometimes, but only with the light glittery color. hahaha My husband is so fun. I'm thinking of painting Durden's pinky red as well, ya know it'll be a family thing ;)