Monday, May 24, 2010

Wedding Journal

I need your help!

I am putting together a journal about Loyd and my wedding day - June 19th. I want the experiences, memories, thoughts, feelings, etc from all those in attendance. If you wanted to be in attendance but couldn't make it, add that! I want as much information about that day as possible.

We had a friend who ended up being lost for an hour or so with grumpy kids in tow, and ended up not being able to find the reception. I want that story!

Somebody about kill themselves preparing for our day? Write it down for us, PLEASE!

It doesn't have to be about Loyd and Me, but about whatever you remember about that day. Reunions? kids getting dirty and thrashing their clothing...what do your kids remember about that day?

So yeah, I really need all of your help!

Email it to me or post it here.