Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Proposal...

For those of you who follow Loyd's blog or are on facebook this will be repetitive, but a wedding blog wouldn't be complete without the proposal.

On November 26th at about 10pm Loyd knelt (on both knees) and asked me to marry him. But the proposal started the moment i saw him at the los angeles airport on November 24th. As I was coming down the escalator wearing my "I love Loydo" shirt, he smiled up at me holding a single red rose. With the rose was a note card with a picture of him printed on it. Written on the card was the line " An angela(a) twinkles in the evening sky."

I thought... "How sweet".  When i got in the car there was another card sticking out of the glove compartment with a picture of us and the second line "Shining among many, but unique in my gaze." Now I knew it was a game, and i was excited!  Over the next two days little notecards printed with pictures of us and another line to the poem would spontaneously appear in random locations. it was great fun. It was so much fun leaving the room, and finding another card in my book, or under my pillow, or in some place where I was sure to see it. Once I left for about an hour taking a shower and getting dressed that I thought for sure i would find another card. I was searching everywhere I went back into the room, but nothing. I turned pouty and said "Are there no more cards" hahaha.  I loved reading the poem over and over as I would add the next line.

Then the night before Thanksgiving, after my disappointing loss at our favorite game Settlers, Loyd knelt down, told me how much he loved me, read me his poem all the way through then put his mothers ring on my finger and asked me to marry him. I said "maybe" :) the next night i gave him a resounding YES! here is my poem Loyd wrote for me:

An angel(a) twinkles in the evening sky.
Shining among many, but unique in my gaze.
A constant fixture in the celestial deep
Providing direction and purpose,
Though separated by distances wide.
How long have i desired to reach out and hold her,
To catch this monarch in my silk-woven net.
To be with her. To be with you.
I n my dreams, in sleep and wake, I jump
And reach for the heavens
Taking this star by the hand, pulling her to me.
Wingless and haloed in beauty,
She leaves me speechless and awed.
Can I, just for a moment, or a lifetime
Be blessed with her condescension
To hold her, to feel her touch, her kiss,
Her kindness, her love.
Can I share in the light she gives.
Can this dream be lived, to open my eyes
And witness the angelic before me.
Would she take my hand and lead me,
To guide and help me.
So that together we can shine in the heavens,
A constellation of two.


  1. Dude, so much better than slipping it in her Frosty! Good job loyd!

  2. You know I had never heard that story and that is so cute! Props to Loyd for such an awesome proposal.

    By the way Lauren Anderson wanted me to tell you congrats.

    How is the wedding planning going?

  3. YOu don't know me...I wandered over from Loyd's blog, which I don't even remember how I found, but I just have to tell you that that poem is beautiful.