Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Loyd and I spent 2 nights in Las Vegas relaxing by the pool, sleeping late, and just being lazy before returning home after our vacation. We walked around the Strip and had a great time looking at all the lights, attractions, cat fights, and all the new buildings. (The last time I was there was about 6 or so years ago.)

On the first night we were walking the strip, and we came across a homeless guy sitting on one of the bridges. I saw 3 homeless guys the whole time we were there. I believe Las Vegas wants "their ugliness" hidden away. Well this guy looked like a kid - maybe 18...20 max. He was sitting there so forgotten and discarded. He was dirty and looked so tired and worn out slouched against the fencing. His sandy blond hair was dull with grime and a dusty film covered his tan skin. Everyone walked by without a glance, ignoring the reminder of sorrow and  pain that was marring their bright, glittering opulence and decadence.

Something about him grabbed my heart. We walked by and I couldn't look away from him. I looked back and saw him looking at a passing group that had made a disparaging comment about his presence. The way he looked up at was hopeless and ... apologetic. I said to Loyd that we should have given him something. We went back up the escalator and I gave him some money. He looked me right in the eye and said thank you in a soft, raspy voice.

I am still haunted by his eyes. There was an innocence and softness in his clear, light green eyes. They were such sweet eyes. I wanted to hug him and take away his sorrow! I wanted to find him a home...ANYTHING to make his life better! But what could I do except give him some money? I don't know what I could have done. And I can't stop thinking what I could have done for him!

I started crying right there. It took a bit to move him to the back of my mind. But I moved on...went back to my hotel room, had a hot shower, was held in the arms of my love, surrounded by love throughout the night (and my whole life). Now I am home; secure and safe and well fed...and I am haunted by that boy on the bridge.

I know you weren't there; didn't see him...but offer up prayers and thoughts for him and the millions of others like him.