Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How We Met - Angela's Version

All thanks must go out to Bobby, Loyd's brother, because Loyd was such a hermit and recluse that if it hadn't been for my friendship with Bobby, Loyd and I would have never met. So...

Thank you Bobby! 

I went over to Bobby's place one day because i was bored , but the only person there was one of the roommates sitting in an easy chair, reading, and wearing an orange beanie (in the summer), turns out it was Loyd. I immediately thought he was cute, and I thought he was half Samoan, which made him that much cuter to me. So, I stayed and we chatted for a few minutes about school...ya know small talk.

I never talked to him again after that.

I remember us disagreeing on something in church, and me getting the last word, but thats it. I did go by his apartment once ( to see him, not Bobby this time) but he wasn't home and since he was such a hermit and recluse, he faded out of my mind.

Then like 3 years or so later, I saw him at UVSC and I thought, "Hey, i know that guy." So one day while I was on the phone with my mom he walked by me and i said, "I know you from Raintree. Aren't you Bobby's brother?" And  yes, he invited me to his office, he asked me on a date, and after a 2 year rollercoaster ride, here we are.


  1. Well i'm glad you finally pointed out how important i am to this whole story. I tend to usually get left out of these good stories. Like how Chris begged me to go on this triple date so he could take out Nancy on their first date. It seems to me that my brothers like to leave out the fact of how important their little brother is to their family history. Haha. I definitely liked your version better.

  2. I must say, your side of the story left something to be desired... I was expecting a novel with all sorts of details and emotions...

    I'm glad to hear that a couple can have such issues and such breakups and after "3 years" as you describe it, accept that fate/God has destined or prepared you to be husband and wife for all eternity.

  3. Chris - well, that is how we MET. not our ridiculous and tumultuous dating/ not dating/ etc experience. that would have been way too heavy for this venue. but one day, you will find it all in my memoirs. stay tuned!!

    Although you have a point...I think I just might work on a post about coming to terms with being "we" after so long of being "me". that was more difficult than expected.