Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I love my kitchen appliances

Loyd and I bought a food processor online a few weeks ago and I love it. It is one of my favorite kitchen appliances so far. I thought I loved my chopper (and I do) but the food processor cuts and mixes your food! it does it all for you. Its a blender and a chopper all in one. WOW!

So my new favorite things to make are hummus and salsa because the food processor makes both super fast and easy. Salsa used to take me forever with all the chopping chopping chopping. And the hummus! Forget about it! I made it in the blender and it was too thick for the blender to work. Not to mention Loyd was worried I would break it.

Get this, the cuisineart ones cost 40bones for a 3 cup one. We got our 4 cup refurbished one online for 19dollars and that included the shipping. Its one of those Bucky Lasky ones or whatever the chefs name is. Woolfgang Puck, thats it. Now I know how people can be such great chefs - they have amazing kitchen appliances!

I have to be honest. My all time favorite kitchen aid is my griddle. I can cook 8 large pieces of french toast at one time on that thing. I never realized how annoying cooking two (maybe 3 if I was lucky) pieces of french toast on a pan was. Ok, i realized it, but I had no choice. I knew griddles existed but I wasn't going to spend 40 dollars on one.

I came across mine as a freebe left over from one of my apartments and crazy enough, it sat in the shed unused for years. After Loyd and I were married I decided to whip it out for some reason. Fell in love after the first use. You can ask Loyd, I was telling everyone that would listen about my amazing griddle and how it made breakfast and grilled cheese etc so fast and easy!

We kept it on top of the fridge. We have a small place with lots and lots of stuff, so we make use of every single square inch of available space. Well I wasn't paying attention when I was putting it back, and it slipped between the fridge and the wall and it broke! I screamed... a lot. And of course I blamed Loyd for pulling the fridge so far from the wall. (There is a light switch right there and if we want to have access to it we have to pull the fridge out.)

I repented for blaming Loyd. About a week later, he said "Lets go shopping for a new griddle" hahaha like we were going to Six Flags or something. heehee. And yes, I was that excited. We went to BB &B, Target, and Wallie World and nothing. I had fallen in love with my specific griddle that had a certain surface etc. I didn't like any of the others. Loyd would ask how I liked this one or this one. I would look at them without any enthusiasm and say "Its ok. Get it if you like it" No No. Loyd knew I loved that griddle so we kept searching.

Loyd went online and found the new and enhanced version of the one we had had. Oh I love it. It still sits on the fridge but I am way more careful when putting it back. And yes, we have pushed the fridge back a little closer to the wall.


  1. I can confirm that Angela really loves her kitchen appliances.

    ...perhaps a little too much ;)

  2. It has been WAY too long since I've checked your blog. I love it! And guess what? We keep our griddle on top of the fridge too. :)