Saturday, April 25, 2009

A great week so far

I flew into Utah a week ago to visit Angela and take care of some of our wedding plans. While our plans were a little hindered by Ang's heavy school load, we managed to to get at least two major things accomplished. As Angela has already written about, with the help of her sister Angela got the wedding dress of her dreams. I know I'm not supposed to see her in it before the wedding, but she couldn't stop herself from stepping out of her room to show me how she looked in it.... and let me tell you, she looks AMAZING.

Another big item we have been able to check off on our list was picking out a photographer. This has been a difficult choice as Angela and I do not want to have the standard wedding photographs that most couples get and were trying to find a photographer with the right eye and creativity that we had in mind. Unfortunately most photographers who fit that bill also cost a lot of $$$$. Luckily, a friend of mine had a friend who recommended Katherine Loveless to me. After looking over her photos, I was praying that her costs would at least be below $2500, to my utter surprise, she was well below that, and was actually less expensive than most other photographers we had seen. On Thursday, we drove out to Mapleton to meet Katherine and left VERY excited to have her as our photographer. Driving back to Provo afterwards, Ang and I both commented to eachother about how much of a weight it felt like had just been taken of our shoulders.

Beyond those things, our week included picking out a family friend to help make our cake; single-handedly mixing, wrapping, and cooking five dozen gyozas for Ang while she studied; all you can eat animal flesh at Tuscanos with a couple of friends; sneaking in to see Robert Downey Jr. and Jamie Foxx;  post-poning a bunch of other wedding demands until I return in a month; a delicious puu-puu platter; and a lot of cuddling.

I'm not looking forward to returning to California in a couple days to slave away at my own studies before my semester ends.


  1. because they are our favorite thing to eat!

  2. Girl,
    This is Di from Ricks. Thank you for the invite!! Also thank you to whom ever gave you my address. I totally want to go to your reception & met your hubby & see you again. Wow, it's been so long we have to catch up. I miss you like mad. I've thought of you often & wondered where you were & what's up with you. I'm so happy you are happy & doing well. My email is Write me & I will let you into my blog. I have it on private.