Sunday, April 5, 2009


Well based on the reactions of some of the Ericsons, I pronounce the preceding post an astounding success. I must especially give a small apology to my grandmother and aunt Angeles who we gave a bit of a scare to. As funny as the joke was, I have to share with you a little what happened the day after we posted the joke.

Rachel is a real person and a good friend of ours. When I was conjuring up the joke, I asked her if it was alright that we named and used a photo of her to provide more realism to the joke. She was cool with it.

On Thursday I sent her a short text message to let her know that the joke worked, however I didn't word it quite as I should have. My text read:
"Some of my family freaked out that angela and i were serious."
She unexpectedly responded:
"I am so so SO sorry. I didn't realize you were actually serious. I thought you were just looking for reactions. I'm a little lost for words right now."
"Oh. I misunderstood. I thought you were saying that you were serious. Haha. I got scared for a second. Sorry I'm and idiot!"
"Haha I know! I just paused (when I read your message) and said crap. Haha. Phew! Love you two to death, but not that much!"

While freaking out some of my family was awesome, for Rachel to briefly think that she unknowingly agreed to be our second wife made this April Fools joke perhaps one of the best ever.


  1. Wow. Something like that might kill my Grandma!

  2. Latter-Day Guy---it just about did ours.

    Poor, poor Rachel. And poor, poor many people think you REALLY are out there in LALA land.


  3. i wish my family were bloggers so they could have been in on the joke. so funny

  4. Whew! You had me worried for a bit.