Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Planning A Wedding

This wedding thing is exhausting! I am excited to be married, I am excited to introduce Loyd as my husband, I am excited to lock him out of the bedroom during a particularly heated disagreement, but can't I have all that without planning the wedding?

As a little girl, teenager, young adult, and all the moments in between I have thought and rethought, planned and re-planned my perfect wedding. What I failed to understand is that...yeah! ya actually do have to make the plans and make the decisions! And pay for them. Somethings just don't work out, ideas constantly change, and much to my chagrin, the perfect wedding was not one of Loyd's first and favorite day dreams.

Luckily, I am not overly picky about what will and will definitely not work, I have amazing family and friends and future in-laws that help and want to help with everything, and I have a fiance that honestly is trying to think about our wedding as much as I have always thought about it. And we have more time than most couples (in this area).

Here are some of the basic things that i have thought about and the decisions are pretty much made. but like i said, it seems like things are always influx!

Theme: antique
Colors: brown, cream, gold
Dress: WHAT? no idea!
Temple: Jordan River June 12th (we think!)
Reception: outside at my future sis and bro-n-laws backyard
Cake: red velvet with cream colored cream cheese icing
Grooms cake: his childhood favorite: mud pie
Food: ??? that's up to Loyd
Center pieces: vases with prettiness inside with candle
Music: that's up to Loyd
Photographer: have an idea of who we want, but not booked yet.

so there are a ton of things i haven't even considered yet, but luckily I have a great crew that is helping me out! Planning a wedding is tiring, and with being in school, and Loyd being in Cali, it is challenging. But I am excited to celebrate our big day with everyone that we love and care about. Its gonna be a party!


  1. You're already thinking about kicking me out of the bedroom?

  2. ok... Couple things...

    I have a beard, and plan on keeping it so it gets big and lumber jack like... can i keep it?

    Also is loyd cutting his hair? if not, i'm keeping mine long also.

  3. lol! Bobby, you can look as burly as you'd like. just wear browns...but try not to look like a UPS driver. loyd did cut his hair while he was visiting, but it is still longish. his hair is too amazing to keep short.