Saturday, February 21, 2009

June 19th

Okay. We have a solid date set finally.

Angela and I will be getting married in the Jordan River Temple on Friday, June 19th. We will be having a reception that night in Sandy at either Chris and Nancy's backyard or in the church pavilion across the street from their house.

There will also be a reception in Ruston, LA in one of the following weekends after. No date has been set for that yet.

Hope you can all be there.


  1. Awesome! The countdown begins....

  2. THAT'S MY BIRTHDAY! WOOOOO! I am so excited! June 19th is the best day ever. I love that I get to celebrate it with you two! Now on my birthday every year I will remember that it is your anniversary as well! How cool is that!? Haha, hopefully you are excited as I am about this, otherwise you'll think I'm a total nerd.