Monday, June 1, 2009

Engagement Photos

Angela and I got our engagement photos back from our photographer today. Needless to say, we were VERY pleased with her skills. We tried to make the album smaller, but there were just too many that we liked.

katherine loveless photography


  1. you two look amazing! these pictures are great! and loyd, i must say, the beard is looking divine, in the literal sense.

  2. Loyd, it's strange, but with your beard, you're starting to look more like me and Chris.

  3. I'm glad you didn't make the album smaller! I loved looking at these. Your photographer really captured your style. These are simply fantastic. You two look so in love.

    (PS. Where's that dress from, Angela? I love it!)

  4. I am just so speechless right now. Those pictures were so great. Loved it. And that dress came from me! It was on clearance in some store so I grabbed it and I'm glad I did because it was so perfect for these pictures!