Saturday, June 19, 2010

Great Day in SoCal!

The beach is always a wonderful place to spend time. Even when it is overcast and far to cold to brave the waters, it is always a soothing experience. (However, the drive home might undo all those soothed nerves.) But Friday, June 18th was a beach day on steroids.

About an hour after we arrived we watched dolphins swimming in the distance. They were just beyond the break. Close enough to be near the surfers. We mainly saw their fins, but every once in a while one would jump out of the water and you could see its head and body.

A few hours after the dolphins swam off, a crowd was forming on the beach looking at the water. And then I noticed a large brown something with fins rolling onto the beach. Turns out it was a seal. It wasn't dead and didn't look to be hurt (it wasn't bleeding). So we joined the crowd and took pictures. A few times the seal sat up and waddled further onto dry sand.

It just looked around assessing the situation, then took a power nap. I suppose it was just resting because a few hours later, long after the crowd had grown bored with a sleeping seal, it waddled back into the water and swam away.

While the seal was making his departure, the dolphins returned. This time they put on a little show for the admiring crowd. We saw them surfing the waves. We could see two or three dolphins clearly in the wave riding it. Once we saw them jump out of the wave. To bad  didn't have my camera with me. My phone couldn't capture anything that far out.

It was so fun seeing these animals in the wild. Much better than a zoo or aquarium, but also a little freaky. No telling what could swim up next to you!

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