Monday, May 24, 2010

Wedding Journal

I need your help!

I am putting together a journal about Loyd and my wedding day - June 19th. I want the experiences, memories, thoughts, feelings, etc from all those in attendance. If you wanted to be in attendance but couldn't make it, add that! I want as much information about that day as possible.

We had a friend who ended up being lost for an hour or so with grumpy kids in tow, and ended up not being able to find the reception. I want that story!

Somebody about kill themselves preparing for our day? Write it down for us, PLEASE!

It doesn't have to be about Loyd and Me, but about whatever you remember about that day. Reunions? kids getting dirty and thrashing their clothing...what do your kids remember about that day?

So yeah, I really need all of your help!

Email it to me or post it here.


  1. Awesome idea Ang. Do you have a dealine for these? I work better under pressure. ;)

  2. Deadline? I would like to have the book coming together by the end of June. I really expect this to be a continuous, on going project. As I remember things, as friends remember things, I'll just try to add it. But yeah, in a month I would really like to have something substantial. We shall see.

  3. Angela...perhaps my favorite memories from your wedding weekend are:
    1. having our families get together for dinner and games. you and your immediate fams wearing those silly hats (were they duck visors?) haha. Then we had a 3-legged race and Kevin and Lauren ate it on the sidewalk! later that night, Lauren and I had to help Bobby groom his beard and eyebrows (yes...we tweezed his eyebrows to clean them up...pahaha) so that he would look nice for the wedding the next day. fun night.
    2. the morning of your was SO windy outside but we waited patiently for you guys to finish in the temple. you looked absolutely beautiful. then Loyd walked out looking so nice...and wearing SANDALS at the temple. haha
    3. the night of the reception Lauren, Elsina, and I went to decorate/destroy your car. Loyd's friend Jack somehow joined us along the way. We thought we were rather clever saran-wrapping your car to Bobby's. hahaha

  4. Angela! I have so many memories form the weekend you guys got married!
    1. All weekend long Bobby and I would drive around running errands. We drove to what felt like 10 different places to find the perfect ties. It took him forever to fin one that was just right.
    2. Everytime I hear the song "Come and Get Higher" by Matt Nathanson I think of that weekend cause Bobby andI heard it at least once on the radio every time we got in the car.
    3. I remember that as we were getting ready for the reception and setting up out of the corner of my eye I saw Nancy yelling at the younger boy cousins (James, Kevin. Reed,etc.). A few minutes later the boys came running over to us with their scared faces. They had been playing with Koji or Levi and were teasing him by telling him they were going to throw him in the dumpster. Nancy saw this and was not happy. I think now even a year later those boys are still terrified of her.
    4. My most fond memory of your wedding day was the reception. I remember feeling a sort of bond with your family and because of that I felt that you had been apart of our family for a long time. You made us all feel so loved and welcomed. Also of course when Maren, Elsina, Jack, and I decorated your car. When we finished we were taking pictures of it and we decided we wanted a picture of us jumping in front of it. It took us atleast 20 tries before we finally got one.
    5. After the reception when we were cleaning up I was with one of your sisters, I don't remember which one, and we were moving presents and things. She was so kind and nice and I drove with her as we moved things and I could just feel her love for you. She made me feel like I was apart of her family.

    I hope this helps! I love you guys!


    I liked this shot of a sweet little girl at your wedding, playing in the nice light on the grass.

    yes, it was a bear to find, but it was a very relaxed gathering on a beautiful evening.